TGRV Karting Championship

This is a racing kart championship which hosts a variety of classes and accomadates individuals of all ages starting from the age of 5 onwards.

The classes are as follows:

50 cc Bambino class
ages 5-8yrs Homolgation - Topkart chassis with a 50cc Comer engine

60cc Cadet class
ages 8-13yrs - Topkart chassis 90-95cm with a Comer W60 Engine

Rotax Junior
ages 13-17 - open chassis 125cc Rotax, JAG SEALED.

Open class
KF1,KF2,DD2 - Dust off those karts and come racing!

Here you are required to bring your own equipment (you can hire a FIA level 2 suit/gloves from us) and follow the rules and regulations that regulate the sport at our venue.

For more information regarding our rules and regulations please request for a copy of the regulations to be emailed to you.